James K. Devericks

Founder/ Chairman/ Chief Visionary Officer

James Devericks, founder of Supercloud International, Inc., is a pioneer in mobile telecommunications and cloud-based technologies who has been at the forefront of the mobile and cloud multimedia streaming revolution. Since founding his first entertainment and technology company, Devericks has been unwavering in his drive to marry entertainment offerings to cutting edge technology. He is committed to ensuring that Supercloud International, Inc. remains at the forefront of the cloud and mobile multimedia universe, delivering an optimal user experience for business and retail consumers. He grew up fixing and repairing televisions, VCRs, microwaves and small electronics, later applying his engineering expertise, passion for gadgets, and knowledge of the Internet into the company’s Convergent Cloud Access System (C.C.A.S. ™).  
Devericks also has been involved in various aspects of the entertainment industry for most of his adult life, and brought his love of electronic gadgetry and web-based technologies to the challenge of progressive digital electronic media delivery. His experience in owning a management company and record label where he managed a number of recording artists has been invaluable in packaging SuperCloud. (Devericks holds a music business certification in music business education from Universal Music Group.) An accomplished inventor with patents and patents pending, Devericks holds numerous pending patents on legacy systems content distribution, non-cloud and cloud based mobile streaming and interactive data communications technologies: (1) Cloud Systems Architecture (2) Client-Side Methods and Processes, and (3) Server-Side and Mobile Gateways Methods and Processes.

Mel Sparacino

President and Chief Operating Officer

Mel Sparacino has over 25 years of management and leadership experience in technology and data center operations, communications, and call centers, including global media distribution. He has completed major projects such as corporate communications platforms related to all telecom, networking and IT infrastructure. Sparacino holds an MIS degree along with certifications in Microsoft, Cisco, Six Sigma Black Belt, and ITIL. He has served as Chief Technology Officer, Chief Information Officer and Managing Partner for very large Florida-based healthcare facilities and has extensive training and knowledge in the area of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). He worked with many companies converting them to this platform, helping them to increase revenue. He also owned and operated a major technology company, MPS which consisted of data center operations, retail POS structuring, networking, WIFI, WIMAX and LAN/WAN configurations and audio visual set-up and configuration. Sparacino leadership and extensive experience in multiple projects management has proved invaluable to SuperCloud. His experience in Internet connectivity and the telecommunications industry brings a depth of knowledge and experience to the company.